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KAIZEN Club is the only organization in Ukraine that brings together experts, consultants and practitioners from Japan, Ukraine and other countries all over the world who have enormous knowledge and huge experience in implementation of KAIZEN philosophy .


For spreading philosophy of continuous improvement in Ukraine KAIZEN Club organizes public events (seminars, trainings and workshops) that are held by Japanese and native experts and consultants. These types of public events bring together representatives of different companies and open for them opportunities to:

  • understand the basic essence of lean production;
  • master the methods of KAIZEN tools and their usage;
  • get insights for further development of the company with the help of continuous improvement philosophy;
  • know the real achievements of the companies (both Ukrainian and foreign) which implement KAIZEN system;
  • share own experiences and knowledge with others as well as meet like-minded people and expand own horizon.


KAIZEN Club also helps companies to implement the philosophy of continuous improvement by providing assessment of the company, corporate training-consulting and integrated programs.


While organizing corporate programs and activities KAIZEN Club prepares a separate program for each company and always takes into account individual wishes of the customer regarding selection of the expert (consultant), time and format of the event.


From corporate consulting a company receives the following benefits:

  • involvement of employees in the general process of implementation of continuous improvement philosophy;
  • opportunities to analyze business examples and solve problems of your own company;
  • offering  consulting directly in the production areas, in the so-called GEMBA;
  • creation of team spirit among employees;
  • getting knowledge and advices from the expert (consultant) during the consulting session and development of the further plan for KAIZEN implementation.
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