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Consultings of KAIZEN Club in Ukraine are primarily assigned for companies that have decided to implement KAIZEN philosophy of continuous improvement in their companies. Of course, it is possible to try to implement KAIZEN tools and techniques of lean production on your own. At the same time, as experience has shown, many companies gave up during the first year since they do not get the expected results and more ambitious companies start to seek professional assistance in this field. KAIZEN Club is always glad to help such companies achieve their goals.


KAIZEN Club in Ukraine combines a group of experts and consultants from different fields of expertise who work in one direction - to help companies in implementation of continuous improvement philosophy.


KAIZEN Club in Ukraine provides consulting services for  individuals areas of needs  and also for an integrated program for implementation of KAIZEN philosophy, starting from assessment of the company  to further support of the company at all stages.


Plan and program of consulting services are developed separately for EVERY company by consultants of KAIZEN Club in cooperation with representatives of the client-company.


Consultings of KAIZEN Club in Ukraine include:



Consulting from KAIZEN Club in Ukraine on implementation of KAIZEN philosophy and tools starts with an assessment of the company. Consultants of KAIZEN Club study the company carefully, get acquainted with its production processes, starting from the stage of receipt of raw materials to the stage of finished products. This allows to create a complete map of existing business processes in the company as well as find out possible bottlenecks and identify problems that require priority solutions.


The assessment process requires active communication between consultant and employees of different business units, including those who are responsible for implementation of KAIZEN both in the whole company and in its different departments. This allows not only to get information about readiness or existing level of the company for KAIZEN implementation of lean production tools but also to see the level of employees involvement for this  process  and to determine effectiveness of internal communications in the company.


As a result of the fulfilled assessment consultants of KAIZEN Club prepare a report that makes the basis for future development of a separate plan and a program of consulting services regarding implementation of lean production in the client’s company.





Training-consulting is a powerful educational tool for employees of a company that combines training with the possibility of practical consulting on solving current issues directly in the working areas of the enterprise.


Training-consultings of KAIZEN Club are held only for the employees of the same company. The purpose of this educational format is not only to get an opportunity to develop practical skills in the usage of various KAIZEN tools but to apply these skills immediately to real situations of the company. At the same time all participants of the training-consulting session work together and are able to immediately consult with an experienced trainer on the interested issues.


Trainers are both Japanese and native experts and consultants of KAIZEN Club in Ukraine who have practical experience in a certain field of expertise.


Program and dates of training-consulting are negotiated with each company SEPARATELY.


Separate training-consultings are part of the integrated program on implementation of KAIZEN philosophy in a company.


The main topics of our training-consultings:

  • 5S and Visual Management
  • Staff Motivation
  • Project Management
  • Problem Identification and Making Decisions
  • Strategic Management (Japanese approach)
  • Business Planning and Management
  • Production Management and Quality Control
  • Marketing and Sales





It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to implement KAIZEN within one year because of the fact that it is a process of continuous improvement. The first stage of the implementation takes a year or two. During this stage the main work is done. It aims to make significant changes both in development of business processes and in perception of these changes by employees of the company. After that it is necessary to uphold the results achieved and provide further continuous improvement. If desired goals are not achieved during this period then it is worth asking the question: does the company really need KAIZEN?


Integrated program to implement KAIZEN philosophy in a company includes a series of seminars, trainings, workshops and consultings that are competently combined for achieving single goal.


Consultants of KAIZEN Club have developed a common plan to implement KAIZEN system that can be applied to each company. Further detailed program is developed separately for each company taking into account characteristics of activities of the company.



Our goal is to support companies in the initial stages of KAIZEN implementation and provide further assistance on the way of continuous improvement.




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