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KAIZEN tours are special visits to Ukrainian and foreign (including Japanese) companies that have achieved significant progress in implementation of lean production tools. It is a kind of benchmarking of the best practices on the application of these tools.


KAIZEN Club in Ukraine organizes KAIZEN tours in order to allow participants to immerse in the culture of lean production, to deepen understanding of lean production practices and to see for themselves the opportunities that KAIZEN can make for enterprises or organizations. Participants will learn not only about lean production tools and systems but also about how these companies overcame difficulties and succeeded in implementation of KAIZEN practices and  supported the changes in the production culture.


KAIZEN tours take place on the territory of Ukraine. Places for tours are Japanese and Ukrainian production companies of various industries.


KAIZEN tours can be open and corporate (for representatives of a separate company).


Number of participants – from 10 to 20 people in a group.


Duration: open KAIZEN tour  one day, corporate KAIZEN tour  on request (it is possible to arrange visits to several companies at the same time).




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