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Mission and Principles of Activity


The mission of the KAIZEN Club in Ukraine is to disseminate the philosophy and practices of KAIZEN among Ukrainian business, representatives of government, local government and NGOs.

Our main Goals:

  • to ensure effective communication of KAIZEN movement and to develop business environment in Ukraine;
  • to introduce the methods and practices of KAIZEN in enterprises, government and NGOs;
  • to further human resource development;
  • to increase investment appeal of Ukrainian business and the country as a whole and consequently increase the competitiveness of Ukraine in the global community.



KAIZEN Club in Ukraine will realise its mission – dissemination of the philosophy and practices of KAIZEN - by creating an association for managers who seek to develop cooperation and introduce the technologies and methods of KAIZEN in their businesses and organisations, as well as their interaction based on KAIZEN throughout Ukraine; human resources development; mutual exchange of experience and using best management practices.

Support to managers, businesses and organisations that want to introduce or already use continual improvement management techniques, will take place via seminars, trainings, consultation, publication of relevant materials, and the organisation of educational KAIZEN tours in Ukraine, Japan and Europe.




The KAIZEN Club in Ukraine is a Non-Governmental Organization, which, in its activities, is governed by its statute and the current legislation governing NGO activities in Ukraine. The KAIZEN Club in Ukraine does not affiliate with any political party, religious organisation, professional association or other civic organisation nor does it belong to any individual, business or state structure.


The KAIZEN Club Ukraine is open for cooperation with physical and legal persons regardless of their political, religious, professional, social and business affiliation; with anyone who supports the goals of the KAIZEN Club and its principles, respects its neutrality and abides by generally accepted business ethics.


The KAIZEN Club in Ukraine is guided by the principles of efficiency and effectiveness thus helping its members and all those interested in identifying strategies, tactics and the introduction of the tools and techniques of KAIZEN, their effective adaptation to the Ukrainian context to improve the current situation and to release the maximum individual potential and reach the highest level of development.




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